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Structured Asset Backed Bonds

Nash Asset Lending PLC (NAL) is a lending business providing loans to property developers fully secured on UK real estate and makes loans in conjunction with specialist co-lending partners. The first co-lending partner is Ultimate Opportunities Ltd, a company wholly owned by Mark Holden who, through his group of trading companies including Go-Develop Property Development Ltd and Ultimate Opportunities Ltd (collectively the “Co-Lending Partner”) is an established provider of principal finance to the UK real estate sector.

The Co-Lending Partner has wide experience over the course of three property recessions and has built a portfolio of over 160 residential and commercial property assets. Since 2011 he has focused on lending to developers and has now financed 1,000 property units across 76 transactions. He invests its own capital into every transaction (10% of the total required) and always ranks subordinate to NAL.

Nash Asset Lending Plc successfully closed the issue of £3m Series A bonds in late 2017 and is making good progress with the £3m issue of Series B bonds. The bonds accrue a coupon of 8% per annum and there is no non-deployment risk – investors accrue interest from a fixed date irrespective of whether the Co-Lending Partner deploys the monies or not. Funds received will be deployed into co-lending opportunities with an expected maturity of 6-24 months (although 14–18 months is the expected typical period).

In the event of Nash Asset Lending Plc suffering a capital loss the Co-Lending Partner will pay it all past, present and future profits that have been or are made from all other co-lending activity with NAL.

Persons interested in Nash Asset Lending plc may receive the full relevant documentation upon request from Nash Asset Lending Plc providing that they are persons who can rely upon an exemption from the Financial Promotion Restriction in s 21 FSMA.

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