Nash & Co Brupdate II


Nash & Co (previously Nash Fitzwilliams), whose construction M&A practice has retained focus on the sector, on a cross-border basis, since the early 2000s, is delighted to publish our second Brupdate. In a similar format to our first Brupdate, published in September 2016, this report tracks the response of the UK’s construction sector to the continuing process of separation from the EU.

The majority of indicators are to the positive. Recent financial performance has generally been good and share prices have moved decisively up. While construction CEOs counsel as to longer-term uncertainty, medium-term prospects seem to be good. However, underneath the macro statistics the shape of demand is changing. While prospects for house-building, much supported by Government schemes, and infrastructure, also supported by public expenditure, are good, the Construction Products Association is predicting a double digit decline in commercial build.

Our Brupdate has surveyed the public statements of construction business leaders divided along sub-sector lines (distribution, house-building, contracting and building products) as well as reviewing publicly available valuation indicators. We hope that this offers readers a useful and detailed set of data points, both qualitative and quantitative.

For the full Brexit Update – or “Brupdate” – please click here

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