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On a deal by deal basis, Nash & Co Capital Ltd arranges loans for UK-based profitable SMEs, sourcing capital directly from individual High Net Worth investors.

We identify the opportunities, structure the loan to suit a business’ specific requirements, source the investment from our ever-growing community of HNW investors and monitor the loan post transaction.

Our loans take senior security in the form of a fixed and floating charge, range from £500,000 to £4m and are typically 3-4 years in duration, with companies paying only interest in the first year and then interest and capital thereafter. We commit our own money alongside that of our investors, receiving a coupon of 8-12% and equity upside by way of warrants.

We have a preference for businesses that are seeking funding for either capital expenditure or acquisitions. We have backed companies across a wide range of sectors, from outdoor advertising to cinemas, restaurants and housebuilding.